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Do I need prior knowledge?
No prior knowledge is needed to fly as a passenger. Your pilot will give you simple instructions for the take off, flight and landing.

What do I need to bring with me?
Seasonally appropriate clothing. We recommend a minimum of good shoes, wind jacket and long trousers all year round.
Any Swiss travel discount cards you may have.

Is there an age limit?
There is no set age limit. Passengers from 4 to 90 years old have enjoyed paragliding with us, however we recommend a minimum age of 7 years. Passengers under 16 years of age require permission from a parent or legal guardian.

Is there a weight limit?
Passengers under 30kg or over 100 kg must confirm with us whether or not a tandem flight is possible.

How much time do I need?
Depending on the flight, you will need 1.5 to 3.5 hours to arrive at the take off site, receive instructions and complete your flight.

How can I book a flight?
Please use our online booking system or telephone us to arrange a mutually convenient time and meeting point. It is advisable to book  2-3 days in advance to ensure your preferred flight time. We recommend groups of 8 people or more to contact us 1 week prior to your required flight date.

What are the gift voucher regulations?
Our gift vouchers are valid for two years and can be used only for the purpose indicated on the voucher. Gift vouchers can be transferred upon request to our office.

Can the weather affect my flight?
Wind, cloud and rain can all affect our operations. It is possible your flight may be rescheduled or even cancelled due to undesirable conditions. The safety of our passengers, our pilots and any third party is of utmost importance. Each of our pilots will decide whether or not a flight can be completed.
To avoid unnecessary travel, please contact us the evening before or the morning of your flight to check weather conditions.

How safe is it?
Swiss Paragliding and Adventure does the maximum to maintain our high safety standards before, during and after your flight. We employ highly skilled pilots with many years’ experience. Our pilots are actively involved in the adventure flying industry and practice ongoing professional development. We routinely analyse operations to identify potential risks and define courses of action to eliminate or minimise those risks. Our equipment complies with current certification standards and is regularly maintained by experts.