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Hanggliding Beatenberg - Interlaken

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Anyone who has ever dreamed of flying should most definitely not miss this thrilling experience of a Hanggliding flight. Safely attached to an experienced guide, the guest runs the first few steps down a patch of grass and then glides up into the open air. A Hangglider can reach a speed of around. 60 km/h in flight and guests feel the wind whistling around their ears. 

May - October
Take off 1350 m
Time required 90 - 120 mins
Flight time approx. 20 mins
Including transport

Age from 7 years
max. weight 90 Kg / 200 lb






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Our team is dedicated to providing an opportunity for you to feel pure freedom, as you soar through the air like a bird on the wing.  Spectacular views of the Alps await you, from the famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau down to the sparkling glacial fed Lakes of Thun and Brienz. People from all over the world have experienced the thrill and freedom of flight with us and we look forward to sharing this unique experience with you.

Ever dreamt of taking to the skies? Wanted to feel the freedom of air and endless space as you soar high above the earth. Our professional team is dedicated to giving you an above-the-world feeling like no other. Your flight will leave you with a lasting impression that may just change your life!


  1. Beatenberg Take Off
  2. Interlaken Landing